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Investment in Classrooms and Programs, Not Consultants and Testing

Raising the quality of education will require additional investments in our classrooms and programs.

The next NYC mayor must commit to increasing NYC's annual investment in our classrooms and programs by at least $1 billion within your their first two years as mayor, through a combination of new local revenues and spending less at the DOE on testing, administration, and consultants.

A New Direction for NY Schools!

Sign this petition to tell elected officials and candidates to keep corporate money out of our schools and reject support from StudentsFirst NY. We need a new direction for our public schools!

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NYC elected officials and candidates--

We are counting on you to stand up for teaching and learning not testing and consequences. Say "no" to StudentsFirstNY's money and support.

Students protest against educational organization StudentsFirstNY

News12 08/29/12

BROOKLYN - Brooklyn students were out in full force today, protesting the policies of the educational organization StudentsFirstNY.

Protesters rally against StudentsFirstNY “Fat Cats”

By: Jon Lentz, City and State August 24, 2012

* More than 50 people rallied yesterday against StudentsFirstNY, a political group launched earlier this year to push for charter schools, for making it easier to lay off teachers and for other education policy changes. 

More Than 30 NYC Candidates Refuse to Accept ‘RomneyFirst’ Cash

By: Colin Campbell, Politicker 8/21/12

The campaign against the pro-charter school political organization “StudentsFirstNY” is amassing support from current and aspiring politicians.

Group blasts Mitt Romney's education policy, links him to advocates of Bloomberg's proposals

A liberal coalition is set to launch a campaign linking Mitt Romney to a rival group that promotes some of Mayor Bloomberg’s education policies.

Public School Backers Tie Education Reformers To Mitt Romney

By Chris Bragg City and State August 16, 2012

Michael Bocamazo reports:

A coalition of union, parent, and community groups, New Yorkers for Great Public Schools, held a rally today in front of the New York Department of Education and released a report on the alleged connections between the pro-charter school group StudentsFirst and the Mitt Romney presidential campaign.


Education advocates optimistic candidates will reject StudentsFirstNY help

Aug. 16, 2012

Some labor groups and education advocates are calling on candidates in city elections next year to reject money and support from StudentsFirstNY, which has some donors in common with Mitt Romney and is trying to keep Mayor Michael Bloomberg's education agenda intact after he leaves office next year.


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